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Our Green Screen Pictures

We have found that not all things are equal. From time to time all best plans go to waste. I have heard this from many photographers that are about to shoot a wedding. The weather we can not control, but the picture out come  I can.  This very problem has come about several times, this is why all good photographers pick and second site to shoot those special pictures. What would happen if there was no second site in fact what if there was no first real site? How does your photographer deal with over coming those obstacles ?  It is not very often we run into this type of problem most times and in most locations there are other locations indoor that a shoot can continue. I have run into exactly that type of situation with a wedding shoot recently. Fortunately for this couple I was prepared for exactly this situation. They told me in advance what I would be running into at this venue. I still had a chance to do the family shoot outside,  luck turned against me. When the time came to go outside for some of the shoot the wind picked up. Now we would have been stuck with just all the same boring inside the church pictures. By being prepared for just this situation I was able to still get all my shoots and not all the same, in fact  we had some pretty nice and funny shoots using my very large Green Screen. I will post before and after pictures below. We do not include the green screen in the Basic Package but it can be added to any other package with some limitations on how many pictures are included. This is simply due to the fact in Green Screen much more work goes into each picture, also each picture had to be done on its own.


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