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Who is Tassilo Erath Photography?

We are a small town photography studio located 1/2 way between Cornwall and Ottawa, Ontario. I am Tassilo Erath, your photographer with the help of my wife Yvonne Erath. Our studio is located at

30 Mary Street

Chesterville, Ontario

Our Number is 613-229-6363

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I have been doing photography for some 50 years now. I started in the early part of the 60's while living in Europe. I found myself admiring the many architectures of the European cities. Standing on the dam made famous by the movie, the Dam Busters in Northern Germany, to the Austrian Alps to Belgium and Amsterdam. There was always so much to see. I couldn't help but not have my camera at the ready everywhere I went. I lived in Germany for 3 years, and traveled extensively from there to most of the other countries around it. I then came back to Canada and traveled from the west coast to the east coast. My trusty camera at my side. It wasn't long before I found myself with my camera back in Europe this time in England and Scotland.

Regardless if it was the castles of Scotland or the Cathedrals of Wells, England or the Roman baths in Bath my camera was there with me.

In those days as most photographers will tell you, it was very costly with film, you didn't shoot the way we do now with digital cameras. You looked at every angle of your shoot and your meter before you took any shot. I still apply all those principles today when I shoot a wedding or a portrait I still look at every angle, I still look to see what will be in that picture and does it belong, the light meter not so much any more. Today I do wedding photography, portraits also landscape and Pets. I also do some commercial work, I am the exclusive photographer for Car-O-Line Autos, these are the pictures that end up on their web site each week.

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All of my packages include an engagement shoot. The purpose of an engagement shoot is two fold. one, it helps the couple to get to know the photographer, as well for him to get to know the couple. the second is simply to have some fun. We can use props or do silly things there are no limits other then your imagination, it's a time to reflect on the couples love for each other and to just have fun doing it.

I use a slightly different approach to taking pictures. I use a lot more candid approach. I find this relaxes the couples a lot more then just rigid photos that are posed. I may from time to time suggest a pose, I like to let the couple feel relaxed and think about their day and not worry if I'm doing my job right. That is up to me not the couple. I keep my prices at a reasonable cost. It will all depend on what the couple is looking for. Our prices are created with you, the customer in mind. We like to make it affordable for newly wed couples without a starting off with a great debt load. We take great pleasure and pride in our work. We want to build a long lasting customer base.


We work with all couples regardless of religion or believes.

I need to meet with every couple that request a wedding session with me. This is very important. I need to know what you want in the picture styles and what you are looking for.

I believe to work with the couples be it a wedding or a portrait session. I want you to be relaxed and tell me what you are looking for. Although I do direct you for position and placement I do however listen to what you would like the outcome to look like.

I do Weddings and portrait and also pets. I also have a selection of Landscapes that will be offered for sale on my site.

For my packages please visit my Packages link.

Testimonials From Happy Customers

Thank you for doing such nice wedding pictures. It was done professionally and the pictures were awesome I would recommend you as a very good photographer to any of my friends that are looking for a photographer

Thanks Dan and Suzie Burgess

Hi Tass, The pictures look wonderful! You really out-did yourself! :) I will sit with Ben this evening to choose which we would like printed and let you know tonight.

Thanks again!

We would like to thank you for the awesome pictures and for sharing our special day with us.

We couldn't be happier with the results.

You've captured beautiful memories.

Thanks, Joanne & Claude

Thank you for being so understanding of our special circumstances and working with us to make this a great day for Rob and I as well as our  Families.

Ashley and Rob

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